Dr. James Dyer is a Professor of Management and Former Chairman of the Department of Management Sciences and Information Systems at The University of Texas. He is a leading authority in the area of decision analysis and has written extensively on the subject of strategic decision-making. Furthermore, he authored a book titles Management Science/Operations Research and has served as a consultant to a number of international oil companies.

Dr. John A. Daly is a Professor in Communications at The University of Texas at Austin and regularly lectures on management and team building. He has served as a consultant to more than a hundred corporations, professional associations, and government agencies including The White House. Recently, he was recognized as one of the most outstanding professors at The University of Texas. He has also served as President of the National Communication Association.

Dr. Krishan A. Malik has taught oil and gas seminars around the globe to thousands of participants from over 200 national and international oil companies and governments in Europe, Australia, North America, North Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, West Africa, Latin America, Republics of the Former Soviet Union, East Africa, Indian Sub-Continental, and Far East. He has been a petroleum advisor to oil companies, financial institution and government agencies. He has taught at universities and campuses in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Mr. Wayne Scott has extensive experience in the oil industry having served as Chief Financial Officer and Controller, Occidental Oil and Gas Company in London. He was responsible for all financial and accounting activities for foreign operations with emphasis on financial plannign and analysis and 32 foreign operating contracts and joint ventures. He was Director, Profesional Development at The University of Texas at Permian Basin and was responsible for the development of the "Oil and Gas Accounting Model" for the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators.

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